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Restaurant Cleaning

Project Briefing

Can a restaurant rely on its staff to perform all cleaning tasks?
It’s no secret that one of the keys to restaurant success is cleanliness. A master chef can consistently prepare inventive and flavorful dishes, but if patrons perceive a low level of cleanliness, they are unlikely to return. Restaurateurs should ask themselves how important it is to invest in commercial cleaning.

Most restaurants follow some kind of system to ensure restaurant cleanliness. Morning, afternoon and evening staff understand cleaning to be part of the job. By using checklists and distributing cleaning tasks throughout the day, restaurant employees can keep up with cleaning requirements. However, while an effective cleaning system can keep the restaurant somewhat clean, without a professional cleaning hand, high levels of cleanliness can’t be met. Professional deep cleanings are a necessary component in an effective restaurant cleaning system.

Commercial cleaning companies deliver deep cleaning services. Professional cleaning specialists arrive equipped and trained to meet the needs of the restaurant industry. Knowledgeable in health code requirements, expert cleaners can help restaurants comply. With access to industrial strength cleaning products and state-of-the-art tools, cleaning experts are capable of safely deep cleaning and sanitizing kitchens, bathrooms and floors. Without proper training, it could be hazardous for the restaurant staff to engage in sanitizing a busy kitchen. Forgoing deep cleanings can present further hazards.

Cleanliness levels decay over time without the support of a commercial cleaning company. Employees can maintain high levels of cleanliness, but they can’t establish them on their own. Without giving employees the leg up commercial cleaning provides, they are left struggling with an establishment that they can’t seem to get clean no matter the effort.
Can employees achieve high levels of cleanliness on their own, or should restaurant owners contract the support of a commercial cleaning company?


  • Wipe counters & cabinet doors
  • Clean backsplash
  • Shine appliances & sink
  • Clean hood-range
  • Clean microwave inside/out
  • Dust on top of fridge & light fixtures
  • Clean table & chairs
  • Furniture felts
  • Dust & spot clean glass
  • Empty & replace garbage
  • Vacuum & Mop

  • Clean counters, sink & cabinets
  • Clean Mirror & light bar
  • Polish fixtures
  • Clean toilet inside & out
  • Clean shower and/or bathtub
  • Straighten or replace towels
  • Check exhaust fan
  • Clean walls & baseboards
  • Empty & replace garbage