Best flat prices

Prices & Rates

Commercial Services

Vacation Rental Cleaning $50
GYM Cleaning $60
Office Cleaning $60
Restaurant Cleaning $60

Other Services

Restocking Service $45
Turnover $50
Airbnb Design service $55
Deep Clean $80

GYM Cleaning

Keep your Gym Sanitized and Disinfected With Nest services.

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Our hospitality cleaning services are perfect to clean hotels, resorts and casinos and…

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Office Cleaning

Your search for a professional commercial cleaning company that you can count on…

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Restocking Service

Our industrial cleaning services are suited to any industrial premises, whether it’s…

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Vacation Rental Cleaning

Many of our clients already use Nest, to get their property cleaned and ready…

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Restaurant Cleaning

Nest provides quality restaurant cleaning services and takes pride in offering…

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